Favorite Food Links

Reference Websites

I like searching this website for well-reviewed recipes. Depending on your perspective, the reviews can be either aggravating or helpful, since other home cooks suggest ingredient additions/eliminations and other recipe changes. I also like using the ingredient search when I need some combination inspiration.

If you think you get hungry reading my blog, don't even click here. This is a site of straight up ridiculous food photography. Clicking photos will take you to the source page, therefore this site functions as a wonderful repository of great food blogs. I've made several of the recipes I've found here with delicious results.

Cook's Illustrated
Home of the well-renowned food magazine that takes the guesswork out of cooking for you.

America's Test Kitchen
Cooking shows online!

Cooking Blogs

Budget Bytes
I've never had a recipe from this site fail. They are economical and often very easy, and always delicious. I have gobs of respect for this girl's ability to take common ingredients and create incredible, homey dishes.

Candy Blog
I love this all-candy blog! It features excellent reviews by the author, and she's been at it for a while, so you can find reviews of most any candy you like via her beautifully organized left sidebar.

Handle the Heat
This girl went to culinary school and is publishing a cookbook, but that doesn't mean that her recipes are uppity, unwieldy things. She cooks a variety of fresh, simple dishes that she complements with beautiful photography.

Closet Cooking
Kevin makes every recipe seem doable, and I love that. Also, his jalapeno popper grilled cheese is out of this world.