Friday, August 20, 2010

Waiting for Pizza

It's pizza day! The initial phases of The Pizza Experiment have gone well. I followed the steps described in the instructional video in the previous pizza post, and my dough is now "proofing" in the refrigerator. My dough balls aren't as smooth as his, and I'm curious as to why his finished ball didn't seem to have risen, but overall, I think I'm doing well. I bought some parchment paper because I don't have a pizza peel to use with my pizza stone. I can assemble the pizza on the parchment paper and then lift it directly onto the preheated pizza stone.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed some Greek yogurt and a fresh peach for my lunch. If you haven't yet tried Greek yogurt, do! It's a naturally nonfat yogurt made by a straining process that produces a thick, creamy consistency. But don't go into this expecting Yoplait Rich & Creamy. Because yogurts like Chobani don't use corn syrup, cornstarch, or gelatin as thickeners, they leave a slightly sandy feel in the mouth. I don't find this off-putting, and the fact that my 6 oz. serving of Chobani vanilla contains zero fat and 16 grams of protein definitely makes it worth it. And the local peach...well, life doesn't get much better.

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