Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kettle Chips

It's likely that many of you know the potato chip revelation that is a bag of Kettle Chips. Made in Salem, Oregon, these all-natural chips are practically a meal. Thick, crunchy, satisfying.

But there is another revelation to be had! Kettle Chips has released a baked potato chip in the following flavors: salt & fresh ground pepper, sea salt & vinegar, aged white cheddar, hickory honey barbecue, and sea salt.

I've had the aged white cheddar and they were good--subtle cheese flavor with a lot of crunch. But the sea salt & vinegar that I bought this week were really fantastic. They explode with flavor, and I appreciate the quality of the chip. The baked chips from some brands seem almost powdery, and the flavor is all but non-existent. Kettle Chips, on the other hand, are baked with plenty of oil, which helps them retain that moist crispness of a fried chip. The really good news is that despite this fact, they contain 65% less fat than their fried cousins. Kettle Baked Chips are very flat, but sturdy; when you open the bag, you actually see mostly whole chips rather than a sack full of crumbs.

Only downside: these bags are only 4 oz. and I ate it in two sittings. At roughly $3, a little pricey, but quality is quality.


  1. I absolutely love the sea salt and black pepper!!!!! ahhhh, they're so good!

  2. Yeah, I usually buy the cheddar, but they are so pricey!