Monday, May 9, 2011


School is over. Sleep and square meals have meaning again. Today I went to Wegmans, 30+ minutes away, just because I had the time. I didn't need anything in particular. It's just there. I always look like a nut when I go to supermarkets like this, because I rarely shop with a list, and today I was furtively snapping photos with my iPod, so even if customers didn't think I looked weird meandering the aisles, the employees probably thought I was from a competing grocery chain doing secretive research. At any rate, no one stopped me, and here are some of the shots I took.

Grocery shopping, for me, is like going to an art museum. I see the ingredients I read about in magazines and marvel at their celebrity. Granted, many negative things have come from the celebration of food in this country, but the items in the spotlight are equivalent to Top 40 pop music: gaudy, saccharine, and pre-packaged. I go to Wegmans to look at real art in the form of beautiful raw ingredients: Dutch cheeses, smoked salmon, wildflower honey, whole grains, artichokes, clotted cream, Irish butter. This is the real celebration of food. I came home with riccioli pasta, pomodoro sauce, and the smallest block I could find of parmigiano reggiano to combine for lunch. Delicious.

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  1. You make food all sound so fun and easy my friend. You should check out my most recent blog for my own attempt at Czech cuisine. Dobrou chut!