Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Break From Food: DIY Home Decor

I have to be honest and say that I'm mostly posting this on my food blog because I want to be able to pin it on Pinterest. It'll probably get me some traffic, too. But primarily, I want to share this idea, because it's awesome!

I recently visited someone's home for the first time, and saw this clever wall hanging in their living room that consisted of a bamboo rod hung with pieces of twine. Clipped to the twine with mini clothespins were Valentine's Day cards per the recent holiday. I loved the rod + twine + clips idea, and envisioned it with branches of silk flowers instead of cards and photos. This afternoon, with the help of my nice husband, I accomplished the vision.

Silk flowers are so expensive, so I only bought two branches of faux apple blossoms. I think I need a few more to make this look more filled in; better yet, real branches. Still, it's a big improvement on a bare wall.

I pulled off several sprigs and hung them separately.


I love that this was so easy, relatively cheap (under $20 for all materials, excluding hammer and nails, which we already had), and completely versatile: you can change out the flowers/branches based on the holiday or season, add photos, cards, garlands...anything lightweight and clippable, really.

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  1. Yeah for more posts! Your room with wall hanging looks very cozy :)